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Synchornize your collections across all your Android, Windows and Xbox devices.

For Android, Windows 10 and Xbox One

For Xbox One please search for 'Wallpaper Studio 10' in the Xbox Store.

Discover Wallpaper Studio 10

Amazing, modern and clean user interface for showcase beautiful wallpapers.


Search through tens of thousands categorized wallpapers, tags, colors and the best publisher's photos.


Select your favorite wallpapers which are added to a personal list synced automatically to your Android & Windows devices.


Login and follow your favorite publishers. If you follow the best publishers you will see your own personalized timeline including their latest wallpapers.


Create your own folders to slide show the collection and give all your devices a daily fresh look.


Your collections and selected wallpapers are syncronized between your Windows, Android and Xbox One devices.

Slide show

Collect amazing photos from around the world to make your screen dezzling and unique every hour, every day or even every week.

Top Publishers

You can upload your own wallpapers, share them with thousands of users, get likes and be one of the best publishers.


All your previously used wallpapers are stored in history, in case you changed your mind.


Fantastic HD wallpaper app for all your Android, Windows 10 and Xbox devices.

Upload, share and get likes for your own wallpapers

Upload your own wallpapers and share them with tens of thousands of users.


Upload your own backgrounds & wallpapers to be the number one publisher


Uploaded images will be seen by millions of users. Create collections using wallpapers from around the world.


All your settings and collections are syncronized. You can browse through them whichever your device you want.


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Like the quality of the captures and the variety. Easy app to use and enjoy regularly changing wallpapers.



The App is very nice. The Slideshow Feature is fantastic.


Xbox One

Great, now also on Xbox One!!

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